Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec Website, 2012

The brief:
Create a compelling look and feel for the Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec contest – run by McMaster University. This included encouraging undergrads and postgrads to enter, increasing awareness of the competition to help recruit sponsors, and┬ácommunicating the intangible benefits of the program (internship opportunities, representing your school).

The idea:
Twisting analogies to create a manifesto of sorts, we created impactful graphic headlines that outlined what the competition stood for. My role on this project was to write the web content, and I helped create and maintain the Top Ad website throughout the competition – from fall 2011 to spring 2012.

Website Screenshot


To open a mirror of the functioning website (as it was when I worked on it), click here.

Static Online Banners – Appeared on Marketing Daily AM/PM Emails


Copywriting: Megan Wigmore, Bill Schaefer
Art Direction: Jeremy Lenz, Emily Hill