RBC: Direct Investing

The brief:
When it comes to investing, people are understandably nervous about doing it themselves.
RBC wanted to reassure their clients that using the “Direct Investing” website to invest wasn’t as difficult as it seemed.

The idea:
By comparing investing online to something many people already do – shopping online – we eased the anxiety associated with picking and purchasing your own investments. We chose to feature comparisons to items that were among the most frequently purchased online (books, trips, electronics and clothing) and shot glossy, high-contrast photos to draw the audience in. We also included small visual cues to nod to the online nature of the accounts, putting the headline in a pop-up window complete with close and minimize buttons.

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Print – Quarter Page, Metro

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Copywriting: Jason Levine, Megan Wigmore
Art Direction: Steven Davenport, Mario Gelleny