RBC: eSavings – Easy as eSavings

The brief:
Develop a new creative concept for RBC’s online savings acccounts to replace the in-market “i.o.me” campaign.
Highlight the online nature of the account, but not at the expense of speaking to the barriers people face when trying to save.

The idea:
In order to tackle savings barriers head on, we wanted to approach this campaign from the perspective of the consumer. Using a human voice, we put customer concerns in chat bubbles and used the simple tag – easy as eSavings – as the solution to their saving woes. We also created a new symbol to represent the online nature of the eSavings account by taking the letter e and applying a treatment similar to the @ symbol.

Conceptual Print

RBC eSavings

Copywriting: Megan Wigmore
Art Direction: Mario Gelleny