RBC Shoppers Optimum Banking Launch

The brief:
To launch a new bank account from RBC and Shoppers Drug Mart that earned you Shoppers Optimum Points on every purchase – the “RBC Shoppers Optimum Banking Account”.

The idea:
Uniting RBC’s beloved mascot, Arbie, with the Shoppers “Bubbles”, we created a look and feel that fit both brands. The campaign took over Union Station in Toronto, with decals on columns, floors and doors, and posters everywhere. All of the creative focused on the fact that this new account let you earn Shoppers Optimum Points on ANY purchase – including the ones you made in Union Station! This was especially noticeable since all creative spoke to the retail locations around it.


In-situ Poster


In-situ Column Wrap


In-situ Door Decals


Final Art – Posters
Copywriting: Megan Wigmore, Jason Levine
Art Direction: Steven Davenport