MacLaren Christmas Party, 2011

The brief:
Develop a theme and an inter-office campaign to promote the annual holiday party.

The idea:
The holidays are a minefield of political correctness – Merry Christmas versus Happy Holidays, Christmas Carols versus Holiday Music, themed decorations versus agnostic white twinkle lights. Our team decided to address this issue head on, with a cheeky campaign that called out this censorship of everything “Christmas”.

The campaign was rolled out in two stages: festive, Christmas-y posters were put up around the office and an email with a “’Twas the night before Christmas”-style poem was sent out at the beginning of December. Then, a couple of days later, the posters were mysteriously (and hilariously) censored, and the email redacted. Our party went from, “The MacLaren Christmas Party” to “The Festive Inter-Office Non-Denominational Winter Holiday Party” and caused quite the conversation around the office.

Poster – Before and After


Copywriting: Megan Wigmore, Aaron Woolfson
Art Direction: Isabelle Santiago, Mario Gelleny